A company named Ambarella announced on Friday that it is working with Google on new wearable cameras that can be used with its new Helpouts service, which allows people to use Google Hangouts to assist people around the world with specific tasks.

Ambarella said Google will use its HD video compression and image processing semiconductors in the wearable cameras, which will be on display during the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show early next month. Ambarella only has a reference design right now, so it's not ready for a mass consumer launch just yet, but the tech sounds compelling enough already.

"Ambarella's new reference design enables small form factor wearable cameras that allow users complete mobility during a Helpouts session," the company explained. "The camera can record full HD video while simultaneously streaming live video wirelessly to the Google Helpouts server via a smartphone or Wi-Fi access point." The firm's tech specializes in low-light image quality and low-power consumption, too.

It's unclear what form factor the reference design offers right now. Smartwatches have been super popular in the wearable category, as have fitness bands, though Google Glass brings a totally different type of product to the ballgame. We'll be sure to look for Ambarella at CES to report back with more information.