Green technology is one of the hottest trends these days amongst technology companies, and finding ways to tap into renewable energy sources is probably the biggest of them all.  Google has done a lot of talking about this subject, but unlike some of their counterparts, the search engine giant is definitely putting its money where its mouth is.

Google has announced that it is investing 37.5 percent of the needed equity to fund a project called .the Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC).  This ambitious project calls for a 350 mile stretch of wind turbines to be set up ten to 15 miles off the Mid-Atlantic coast to be completed by 2021.  When the entire farm has been completed it is expected to generate 6,000 MW (megawatts) of power, or enough to power 1.9 million homes.

Atlantic Wind Connection

For Google’s part, it will primarily be involved in helping with the sub-sea transmission cables to get the energy to distribution nodes on shore as efficiently as possible.

Apparently it is estimated that the entire continental shelf along the east coast is capable of generating up to 60,000 MWs of power, but for now they are just concentrating on this 350 mile stretch, which is still an ambitious enough plan.

While this is partially a project about generating greener energy, it is also about helping the severely over stretched power grid in that region of the country.  Energy demands continue to climb higher and higher, and keeping up with it has become nearly impossible using traditional means.  New sources of energy are going to need to be brought online over the years, and it makes perfect sense that we might as well build towards renewable sources as opposed to older means such as coal which have numerous drawbacks.

Construction is not expected to begin until 2013, so don’t expect to see anything popping up over night.

What say you?  Are you for or against the massive wind farm?