Google IO 2013 - Google Plus Update - Hangouts - 010

Google on Wednesday detailed a brand new messaging service called Hangouts as a way to get “technology out of the way.” It’s platform agnostic, and syncs across all your devices. Google said the company wanted to create a way for messaging (text, photo, video) to just work across the Web, Android and iOS; Google admitted its own messaging platforms are fragmented as it is.

Conversations are long lasting, Google said, meaning you can scroll back in time months or even years. Maybe longer. Google showed off the UI, which displays when a recipient is typing, when they join a hangout and how far they’ve read into the conversation. Video chat plays a prominent roll, of course, and adding people is as simple as clicking on an icon.

Google Talk, Hangouts and Google+ messenger is finally unified into one simple app, syncing easily across every one of your devices. The company said the app is designed around people, not OSes in particular, “moving” gadgets out of the equation.

Google said the new app will be available today, so we’ll definitely look out for it when it hits. Of course, we’ll bring you a hands-on as soon as it’s available.