Inevitably, the price of Google Glass will drop. And when it does come down (like, way down), we're bound to see it placed on small children and even pets. As it is, full-size caretakers love seeing what life is like from their littlest ones' POV, so that use-case is a no-brainer.

Well, leave it to a developer to get a jump on that. When Chris Angelini was testing Glass, his 2-year-old son walked in, and he couldn't resist giving the toddler something most geeks today would drool over — a chance to try out one of the most hyped pieces of technology on the planet.

Those of us who have yet to lay hands on the tech can glean a few things from Angelini's vid. The microphone is obviously sensitive to the wearer's voice. Unfortunately, it's hard to imagine a directional mic on this without at least a boom arm, and no one wants to see that. Glass is already taking heat for looking uber-geeky, and that would just clinch it.

Speaking of heat, it seems Glass can get a little toasty. If you've ever noticed how hot your phone can get, imagine having something like that right by your face. Then there's the anti-shake. It clearly works pretty well, but not quite well enough. The frame jitters actually made me a little nauseous. And finally, we've seen Glass shoot beautifully in well-lit conditions, but the dim surroundings here aren't doing it any favors.

But the primary thing the video demonstrates is that, when a child wants juice, there's really nothing you can do to distract him.