Google Glass is still only available as a $1,500 developer kit to a limited number of people, but a lot of rumors have been flying around. One rumor suggests the company may bring the device to market in 2014 and will sell the wearable technology at Best Buy and online for as little as $299. Unfortunately, these claims appear to have been a bit too optimistic, and Google's Chris Dale, Head of Communications and Public Affairs for Glass, took to Twitter today to debunk both rumors.

Dale didn't follow up the first tweet with any actual more news, instead allowing the endless speculation to continue. He also didn't stick around to take part in the conversation that ensued below his original tweet. So, for now, we're left with more questions than answers. Will Google Glass cost more or less than $300? Probably more. Probably at least $500. How will Google sell the new product? Maybe through the Play Store? There's no way to know for now, but that won't keep us from guessing.

Either way, the wearable device market continues to heat up. We're expecting to see more new smartwatches this year than we could comfortably wear at once, and Google appears focused on bringing Glass to the masses. Last week, the company bought several patents from Foxconn related to the HUD display, and Apple has already fired back, updating Siri to make fun of the device whenever it hears you say "Ok Glass."