Google Glass doesn’t really seem to be a priority for Google these days as the company moves forward with Android Wear, Android and Chrome products while seemingly leaving the headset device behind. But a new patent from the Internet giant suggests Google could be working on an updated version of the heads-up-display that features a built-in projector.

The patent, which was filed in April 2013 and published Thursday, describes a “head-mounted display including integrated projector.” Accompanying images suggest it could be an updated or modified version of Google Glass with a small projector slapped onto the side. The patent goes on to explain the main purpose of the new hardware could be for sharing information with people around you.

For all the advantages of a device like Google Glass, it’s not great for sharing. Adding a projector could turn the personal device into group activity. For example, you might be able to project photos or video taken with Google Glass to easily show that content to friends and family.

There’s no guarantee that this patent will become a reality anytime soon, and for now the company seems content pushing out smaller updates for the current device. Then again, slapping a projector onto Google Glass could help add a bit more functionality to a product that still feels like it’s lacking a real reason to exist.