Key Speakers And General Views From The Google I/O 2012 Conference

Google just keeps on expanding its Glass Explorer Program. Last month the company announced that each explorer could invite three new people to purchase Google Glass, and today the company launched a new webpage, giving anyone interested—so long as they’re a U.S. resident—the option to get on a wait list to purchase the wearable device.

Before you get your hopes up, the search giant notes that it can’t guarantee you’ll get your own set of Google Glass just because you sign up. It’s possible the company is simply testing public interest before it launches the first mass release of Google Glass, but it seems more likely that Google just wants to get more people involved in the development process. Company chairman Eric Schmidt previously stated there wouldn’t be a consumer launch until 2014, so there’s still plenty more time to expand the Glass Explorer Program before Google hits that deadline.

Earlier today we learned Google was preparing a huge update that would let Google Glass stream music through Google Play. The new feature should work well with the recently-unveiled second-generation device, which includes a single earbud. The company also announced earlier this month that it will no longer block Glass Explorers from selling the device by threatening to disable the unit.