MyGlass (1)

Now that Google Glass is being shipped out to early backers, videos recorded with the wearable technology are already popping up online. And why not? Taking video with Glass promises to be an effortless experience, and these early accounts perfectly demonstrate how we'll soon be going about our daily business. I'd expect those one second end-of-year videos to really take off once more people get their hands (faces?) on Glass.

Feelings about Glass have been mixed thus far, and the jury's still out on how the general public will receive the technology. We want to know not only how people will respond to what Glass actually does, but how society will react to people wearing the technology out at a bar or restaurant. But once it does take off, aside from making communication more seamless, it'll allow people—parents, grandparents and maybe even authority figures, among other examples—to more easily record moments for posterity.

If Google can make videos recorded with Glass easily uploadable to YouTube, or other sharing services, it'll become a wonderful tool indeed. We're still waiting on our unit to arrive, but until that happens, check out these first few videos recorded by regular people—not a controlled demo—with Glass.