Google CEO Larry Page confirmed his company's new wearable Glass tech is powered by Android. After failing to officially say what software was under the hood when specs were unveiled this week, Page bluntly said during a conference call, "Obviously Glass runs on Android." Really, that's not much of a surprise. Android will probably power ours cars one day.

Glass has been slowly making its way to early backers this month, and we've already started to see some neat videos recorded with the tech. Right now, early access is being granted so developers can create exciting experiences, and early testing can get the bugs ironed out. Google said it plans on releasing Glass to a wider audience later this year for $1,500.

When Glass does finally reach a consumer-wide release, it'll work with both Android and iOS devices. The fact that Glass does run Android, or at least a modified version, is good news for developers because it means the language will be familiar, and hopefully easier to integrate with existing experiences.