Google Glass is now available to the general public, meaning anyone in the U.S. can sign up online and order a pair for $1500. Google is reportedly planning an official launch for Glass, however, and the latest rumor suggests AT&T will be one of the first retail locations in the United States to stock Google Glass.

There’s no word on how AT&T might sell Google Glass, but the idea of a carrier offering the wearable device raises some interesting possibilities. AT&T could offer Glass at a subsidized price, meaning you’d pay just a few hundred dollars upfront, but end up paying the full price in regular monthly payments down the line. More likely, it will simply serve as another place where customers can walk in and try Google Glass first hand — an experience a majority of consumers haven’t had yet. Evleaks, the source of today’s rumor, doesn’t name other possible retail outlets.

There’s still no official word on when Google Glass will graduate from its Beta program to launching as a full-fledged consumer product, but all signs point to an official launch later this year. With Google I/O coming up this month it may not be much longer before the company breaks the news.

“AT&T does not comment on rumors or speculation,” an AT&T spokesperson told TechnoBuffalo when reached for comment.