We really love Google Glass, but the $1,500 developer kit is way out of reach for most casual techies. Thankfully, when the device is mass produced it may cost as little as $300 according to Topology researcher Jason Tsai, who makes his case based on the collective cost of the needed components. Tsai revealed the alleged price tag yesterday during a wearable device seminar, China Post reports.

How will Google slash the cost from $1,500 to $300? A big part of the price drop may be the company's recent investment in Himax Display, a Taiwan-based company that supplies the heads-up-display (HUD) component. Back in July, the search giant bought up a 6.3 percent stake the manufacturer, which should help speed up production of the liquid crystal on silicon display module and bring the cost of each HUD down to just $35. Tsai notes that the display module is the most expensive part of Google Glass.

The wearable technology market is expected to explode in the next few years, as companies race to release new smartwatches, HUD devices and other gadgets. For now Google has a head start, with Glass already out in the wild and a mass release expected later this year, but if the price isn't right the search giant may just blow its lead.