Google Glass how-to

If you needed further confirmation that Google Glass was designed for a very specific segment of nerd, the company on Tuesday said it entertained the idea of using Pew Pew Pew as a hotword. Because looking cross-eyed and talking to a face computer wasn't already awkward enough, the company actually considered a number of strange phrases only the nerdiest tech enthusiast would appreciate.

Shared by Google Glass Marketing Manager Amanda Rosenberg, Google allegedly toyed with a number of embarrassing one-liners more fitting for a B action movie, not words that could access technology from the future. Seriously, saying these out loud, even in the privacy of one's home, can make anyone feel foolish. Now imagine saying them in a crowded bar. "Hear me now, Glass." Or, "Glass alive."

Rosenberg only shares a few from the list of hotwords Google had considered. There's likely many, many more that are just as bemusing—but entertaining nonetheless.

  • Listen up Glass
  • Hear me Now
  • Let me use Glass to
  • Go Go Glass
  • Clap on
  • Device, please
  • 3, 2, 1…
  • Glassicus
  • Glass alive
  • Pew pew pew

I don't recall ever being in a situation where I needed to utter Pew Pew Pew out loud. But, then again, I've never used Glass, so there's obviously an entire world I need to experience. "Listen up Glass" sounds a little demanding, while "Let me use Glass to" sounds as though you're talking to someone, and not the device directly. According to Rosenberg, choosing "OK, Glass" was a no brainer, but actually making that phrase work was another issue entirely.

Hearing the OK, Glass origin story is actually quite interesting, and we're glad Google settled on something a little more natural. Saying "Clap on" just doesn't have that same ring to it, and it definitely doesn't sound at all futuristic.