One of the cooler aspects of Google Glass is its ability to record video at will. Put it in the right hands, and it has the potential to change how the world experiences everyday mundane tasks, or even once-in-a-lifetime situations. Stuff such as being drafted in the NBA, or throwing a pass in practice to an NFL receiver. It's the kind of technology that perfectly suits POV video, and ESPN's day with Glass and the St. Louis Rams demonstrates why.

Seeing Glass attached to any athlete faces during an actual competition likely won't happen anytime soon, or at all, but what about a referee? Practice might be a safer scenario for athletes, as there's not much risk involved, so perhaps we'll see some kind of implementation down the road. It would be wonderful for fans; you get a behind-the-scenes look, and also get a sense of what it's like being on the field. It's intimate, and allows player personalities to stand out as well. They're not just athletes, you know.

There are obvious concerns, as with any new technology, but there is plenty of potential to be explored. If anything, ESPN's little demonstration shows one small reason why people are excited about Glass. How long until professional drivers adopt Glass to get real-time information on the track, or golfers to give them layouts of a course?