The possibilities for Google Glass seem almost limitless, and now a new developer is pushing the augmented reality wearable even further. A new app called NameTag uses the headset to identify people and provides you with their name and relevant information. If you’re apt to forgetting names, you can leave that worry in the past.

NameTag is a Glassware app that was created by a third party, not by Google itself, and it still isn’t available to everyone, but development is well on its way. In a demo video, we can see the app is capable of identifying people in real-time. It’s powered by FacialNetworks, which is capable of providing information about a specific person (or a photo of someone) that’s viewed through Google Glass. It seems like it’s mostly capable of recognizing celebrities right now, and not just any Joe in the world, but it also pulls in relevant criminal data and information from the National Sex Offender Registry.

In the future, NameTag hopes to add data from Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks, so that it can automatically pull up someone’s name if you look at them – even someone you’re just meeting for the first time at a coffee shop, for example. You’ll have the option to make your data public, of course, and will eventually be able to visit to apply your privacy settings.

NameTag still has a big hurdle to jump, though. Google isn’t allowing third-party developers to submit apps that use facial recognition yet, primarily because of the privacy concerns at hand. Hopefully that gets ironed out, though, because this looks pretty cool.