Google’s MyGlass iOS app accidentally hit the iTunes App Store a bit prematurely yesterday, giving iPhone owners a chance to finally take advantage of Google Glass. It was quickly pulled, though, with a promise that the app would launch later in the week. Well, now it’s officially available.

As is the case on Android, the MyGlass application lets you setup your Google Glass. It’s also used to help provide directions, for screencasting the content you see through the headset to your iPhone and for installing additional “Glassware” software like Gmail, Google Now, Google+ and more. Once installed and connected to the product, you’ll be able to also keep track of where your Google Glass is, in case you accidentally left it at home or in a cab. One drawback, however, is a lack of support for iMessages, which means you can’t send an iMessage or reply to one without taking out your iPhone to do so.

MyGlass for iOS is free and is available now, though you’ll of course need to own a pair of Google Glass to take advantage of it.