You'd think the two logos above were made by the same company, just refined and tweaked to fit a specific vision over time. But nope. The logo on the left is actually from a Spanish startup based in L.A., known as Glass, and it looks strikingly similar to what Google has been advertising for its new wearable face technology.

According to Gizmodo, Google's Glass logo allegedly copied the Spanish company's right on down to the exact typography. You can see the similarities plain as day. The L.A. company, which was founded in 2008, is a Web-focused firm that allows users to add layers to a site. In essence, that's pretty much what Google Glass attempts to achieve with augmented reality—layers on top of the real world—but obviously Google's technology is more advanced.

This isn't a comparison of tech per se—there are surface similarities—but on the logos themselves. When Glass actually found out about Google's experiment a year ago, the Spanish company said it reached out to Google to let the search giant know the name was already taken. But it sounds like the message didn't get through—or was ignored altogether.

The name itself it admittedly generic, so that aspect could be entirely coincidence. But using the same typography style, just altering the appearance of the L and A slightly, is not. Glass claims it not only told Google the Glass name was taken, but Google allegedly had seen Glass's logo and typography.

The L.A. company is considering taking Google to court, but as of now nothing has been set in motion. Looking at the logos side by side, it's more than a little fishy. But is a small unknown startup willing to take on a tech behemoth?