JetBlue recently posted several images portraying how it believes Google Glass might be able to help travelers in the future. One might be able to look through the augmented reality specs and see where their baggage is going to be unloaded, and in how long. Or, a traveler might be able to see whether or not his or her flight is on time, and other information, such as the boarding time and flight number. Better yet, it might even be able to help you find a power outlet in a crowded airport.

JetBlue even imagines the device being useful for travelers outside of the terminal. In one scenario, the airline shows Google Glass providing a cab fare estimate, as well as how long it might take to travel from the airport to your home or hotel. If you aren’t taking a cab, it could also show you where to park your car and the garage’s current capacity.

Google Glass is supposed to launch to consumers later this year for a price tag under $1,500, and we expect to hear more on the topic during the company’s developer conference in May.