Google Glass how-to

Even though the consumer version of Glass is still many months off, Google on Tuesday released a simple but effective how-to video, detailing the tech's most basic functions. It looks absolutely silly—swiping and tapping the frame along the device's right side is awkward—but it also shows how fascinating the face computer is. The display is right there, always in your line of sight, where you can easily view the time, weather, flight status and more.

Someone using these gestures out in the real world, swiping and staring off into Glass's alternate universe, will surely look odd to others. But owning Glass already forfeits your concern with peer judgement. Videos already taken by Glass demonstrate how incredibly simple it is to record your life, but that's not all Glass does. You can reply to texts, get directions and even Tweet without ever taking your phone out of your pocket.

We've heard Glass will recognize when a user winks to snap a photo, so perhaps the company will be able to somehow implement a way to switch between screens only using your eyes. The how-to video shows a lot of reliance on gestures, which is familiar and easy. But, come on, this is Glass, something you wear on your face, a device plucked straight out of the future. Let's leave the swiping and tapping to the smartphones.