Ahead of this week’s big Google I/O conference, the search giant’s Glass team has announced a few quick updates. For one, the company says there are a number of new “Glassware” for the face computer; basically that’s just a fancy name for apps. Many of them are familiar, including Duolingo, Shazam, Zombies, Run! and even Runtastic. And there are other tweaks being made as well, with new Google Now cards, a viewfinder when snapping photos and even a bump up to 2GB of RAM in new models.

The Glass team said the new improvements are based on Explorer feedback, so these are the kind of features people have been asking for. Now, when you say, “OK, Glass, show the viewfinder,” it will bring up white L’s in the four corners of the Glass screen (example below). This allows you to better frame your shots, and ultimately return better results. Google says you can still snap a picture as you normally would, either through a wink, by pushing the camera button, or speaking a verbal command.

As for the new Google Now cards, Google has added one to remind you where you parked your car, and another to let you know when your package has shipped. Additionally, Glass now comes equipped with 2GB of RAM, ensuring the fastest possible performance. That’s a bummer if you just recently purchased Glass.

Google is holding an event to kick off I/O on Wednesday, where we’re expecting everything from Android Wear to Android TV. But a consumer version of Google Glass? It sure seems like Google is very quickly working toward that goal.

Glass screenshot