Google Glass is a cool idea, but for now its focus remains on allowing developers to create new apps that, hopefully, might help attract the everyday consumer. Last month Google introduced an official music app for the wearable device, and today the company is launching its first games designed specifically for Google Glass.

There are five mini-games in all, which make use of technology in Google Glass that can analyze your speech and track your movement through its built-in camera and accelerometer. One game called Clay Shooter lets you shoot virtual clay pigeons out of the air by yelling “bang,” while another, Shape Splitter, offers Fruit Ninja-style gameplay by tracking your hand movements.

Google’s new batch of games look like a fun distraction, but they’re really meant to show developers what’s possible if they ultimately take advantage of all of the sensors in the device. It’s certainly a more casual use case scenario, but a simple game could help spur new ideas that may eventually lead to more immersive Google Glass applications.