Google Glass demonstration

Video will play a major role in the functionality of Google Glass, and one company has already made sharing recordings very simple. With a new app called Beam, Glass users can easily post videos straight to YouTube, and even share them through services such as Twitter once they're live. A seamless Glass and YouTube experience sounds like a perfect match.

The Explorer Edition that's been handed out to early backers is currently a barebones experience, but it's wide open to developer interpretation. So far we've already seen Glass' potential tapped through one user creating a way to snap photos by winking, and there's likely to be much more as the months go on.

Google will likely create it's own Glass to YouTube bridge once the device is available more widely, but Beam certainly highlights the wearable technology's capabilities. As long as developers are dreaming up possible Glass features, the value and hype of Google's futuristic tech will continue to rise. The possibility of snapping video at a concert, or sporting event, or even simply unboxing a gadget, and then immediately uploading that video straight to YouTube will certainly attract a lot of attention.