Google took Glass back to the drawing board earlier this year, and we still don’t know exactly what the redesigned wearable will look like. Recent reports suggest the company could be planning a few minor changes, but a new patent from Google reveals bigger updates that could be coming to the device later on.

The patent, which was published this week but filed over a year ago, describes a Google Glass-style headset that uses holograms to project digital images on top of your view of the real world. That’s a pretty drastic change from the original device, which simply placed a virtual display in the top right corner of your vision.

Of course, there’s no guarantee Google will actually release the augmented reality device described in this patent. The company’s plans for Glass seem pretty limited at the moment, and the upcoming redesign is expected to focus on enterprise customers rather than mainstream shoppers.

Still, Google is clearly interested in the technology. The company has already invested heavily in Magic Leap, a secretive startup focused on developing its own augmented reality headset. It’s possible this new patent could hint at a future collaboration between Google and Magic Leap, though it may just as easily amount to nothing.