Google Glass

The new version of Google Glass may be right around the corner according to several leaks and a recent FCC filing. Now a new report claims to reveal how Google's tweaked the wearable device for its upcoming "Enterprise Edition."

9to5Mac reports that Google Glass 2.0 won't be much of a change visually, though it could still pack a number of improvements. Overall, the focus seems to be on making Glass more appropriate for the workplace. That means improved specs and a tougher design that likely won't win over the fashion industry.

Specifically, Google Glass Enterprise Edition will reportedly feature a foldable design with a single hinge, making it easier to carry around. It should also be water-resistant and more durable overall so it's capable of surviving drops or bumps. On the inside, Glass 2.0 is expected to pack a larger battery and a faster Intel Atom processor that's less prone to overheating.

Besides that hinge, which 9to5Mac calls "robust," the design won't change much. There's still a prism sitting above your right eye, though it's slightly bigger. You also get a similar band across the top of your forehead.

Google plans to change the way Glass is marketed and sold. It won't be pitched as a consumer product, and you'll have to pick one up from a "Glass for Work" partner. Hopefully that will reposition the new product as a specialty device and not something that's meant for everyone to where at all times.