Google on Thursday began rolling out an update to Google Fit, replete with bug fixes and enhancements. But it’s also now more powerful, too. Want to see stats in real time? Google Fit will now provide that information; it’ll also track strength training, assuming you own an Android Wear watch.

We forget that, for all of the great things we use our electronics for, they’re terrific tools for keeping us limber and in shape. If you value your health, Google Fit is a great app for tracking your activity, which you can then use to check progress and how you’re improving over a given time.

With real-time stats, Google Fit will show users stats for activities like running, with breakdowns for elevation, speed, pace, and route. You’ll also see how far you’ve run, calories burned, and time elapsed. Typical activity tracking functionality, and familiar to anyone who has used a Fitbit, but welcome additions.

In addition, Google Fit also integrates with other popular tracking apps, such as MyFitnessPal, Fatsecret, and LoseIt, giving users more information about sleep and nutrition.

Guess what? The New Year is almost here, which means you’ll probably resolve to get in better shape. Well, Google Fit is now more advanced than ever, providing the insight you need to hold yourself accountable. The update to Google Fit should be available now.