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Earlier this month Apple unveiled Health and HealthKit, a new iOS 8 app for storing all your fitness tracking data and a corresponding platform for developers. Now it looks like Google could be getting in on the action as well with a new service called Google Fit, at least according to a new report from Forbes citing multiple anonymous sources.

Google Fit will reportedly launch later this month at Google I/O, an annual developer's conference set to take place on June 25 and 26. The service would work similarly to Apple's Health app, offering all of your data gleaned from wearable fitness devices and smartphone apps in one unified place. Samsung also hopes to offer a similar service with Sami, a biometric platform the company formally announced at a health-focused event last month.

Google will reportedly leverage its popular cloud services to power Google Fit, offering APIs to third-party developers. The company could also announce a number of fitness and health-focused partnerships at I/O, similar to Apple's plan to work directly with the Mayo Clinic.

We're still not sure exactly what to expect from Google I/O. According to Forbes the conference will include sessions focused on wearable computing and designing wearable devices, suggesting we could be learning a lot about the new Android Wear platform. TechnoBuffalo will be covering the event live, so make sure to check in later this month for all your Google I/O news.