Google Fit isn’t the most popular health and fitness app around, but it might be worth checking out again after its latest update.

The app, which extends across various platforms and ecosystems, was overhauled with a few new features. On top of that, Google Fit boasts an entirely fresh look. Google explains that, rather than simply telling you to be active or cut out certain foods, its app will start going deeper to assist you.

Small, healthy changes are almost as challenging as dramatic shifts in behavior. That’s because you’re so accustomed to a certain lifestyle. Move Minutes are point-based rewards for daily activity. Whether you’re going for a work or taking the stairs, Move Minutes pile up and build a higher score. As for Google Fit’s Heart Points, these act similarly but for full activities that could make you break a sweat.

All of this should motivate users to get not only get active but also maker wiser choices. Google Fit will still take advantage of your phone or smartwatch’s sensors, too. The app taps into the accelerometer and GPS to monitor movement.

The redesigned app wasn’t built by Google alone. It enlisted the American Heart Association (AHA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to make Google Fit better understand physical activity. Now the app will be able to offer enhanced recommendations, dishing out appropriate amounts and intensities of physical activity based on an individual’s profile.

In a few months, we could see Google Coach introduced and live on Google Fit. The rumored health-based digital assistant is expected to include real-time monitoring and recommendations. Since the Pixel 3 and an in-house Wear OS device are due out later this year, Google Coach could make its global debut in October.