Google released a new app (for Android, iOS version will be released shortly) called "Field Trip."  Field Trip runs in the background and feeds you information about your surroundings via audio and onscreen content.  Currently the app pulls information through multiple sources including Zagat, Food Network, Songkick, Cool Hunting and Atlas Obscura while feeding you useful and useless trivia from architecture, history, food/drinks, movies, art and ,of course, offers and deals.

The app uses technology developed by a mapping company called Keyhole, which Google bought initially to improve Google Maps.

Think of this technology being a gateway to grander things when Google Glass finally gets its release to the masses.  Though it might get a bit overwhelming with information being dumped on you, and ads and deals for local businesses bombarding you, it also seems really neat exploring an area you aren't familiar with.  Check it out, let us know what you think.

[via 9to5google]