google fber austin texas

Google has been working to bring Fiber to Austin, Texas since early 2013, but today the search giant is finally offering sign-ups for the super-fast internet service. Residents and small businesses in South and Southeast parts of the city can register now, while Google says it plans to expand to other Austin neighborhoods in the future.

Google Fiber is offering three basic options for regular consumers. The cheapest package offers "basic internet" speeds for $0 per month but a one-time $300 construction fee. For $70 per month, you'll get gigabit speed internet, while $130 per month brings the full package, including high-speed internet and cable TV with DVR. Meanwhile, local businesses can pay $100 per month for high-speed internet.

Google notes that there's a limited sign-up window, which helps the company roll out Fiber as quickly as possible. There's also a new Fiber Space location opening in downtown Austin today, where anyone can experience gigabit internet speeds for themselves before making a commitment.