Google Fiberhood

The residents of Kansas City aren’t wasting too much time making sure Google knows how interested it is in its Google Fiber product.

Late last month Google announced that it was ready to start signing up households for Google Fiber, its project that will see homes receiving speeds of 1 Gbps and 1 TB of online storage for as low as $70 a month. To make sure your neighborhood receives the surface, a certain percentage of households need to make a $10 reservation, and once enough homes do so, Google will guarantee bringing it to your area.

Earlier this week, 20 percent of Kansas City, Missouri homes had signed up, and already that number has jumped to 31 percent.  On the Kansas side of the city, things aren’t going quite as quickly with only eight percent having met the goal thus far.  In total, 23 percent of the eligible neighborhoods are set to go with 36 days remaining in the pre-registration period.

To get more people to sign up, Google has sent out trucks to various neighborhoods to educate residents on the benefits of the service, and has also set up a Fiber Space storefront in downtown Kansas City for people to walk in and experience the service first hand.  Seeing as the $70 package offers 1 Gbps speeds, and Time Warner’s $80 package only offers 50 Mbps, it shouldn’t be too hard of a sell for most people.

If you’re in Kansas City, you can find the Fiber Space at 1814 Westport Road.  If you are from anywhere else, you can just remain envious of the speeds the residents of the city will be receiving in the near future.

[via Google Fiber]