Google's Fiber network, which has previously only been available to those in Kansas City, is cautiously expanding its service. The search giant announced on its Fiber blog on Wednesday that residents in Olathe, Kansas, a neighbor 25 miles away, can now sign up for Google's 1Gbps Internet project. It's a minor expansion in the short-term, but hopefully this sets the stage for further potential coverage across the U.S.

No timeframe was attached to the expansion—it was only just approved by the Olathe city council—but Google said this will likely be the first of several announcements to bring Fiber to other neighboring cities. "We still have a lot of planning and engineering work to do before we're ready to bring Fiber to Olathe," said Rachel Hack, Community Manager, Google Fiber. Hack said pre-registration will be underway soon.

Google said it's still on schedule to bring Fiber, which runs $120 a month for gigabit Internet and TV (or $70 for just Internet), to Kansas City in Missouri.