Google Fiber houses

Google Fiber installations begin today in Kansas City.  We've been excited about the prospects of 1Gbps speeds, and the day is finally here.  Most of us will rarely ever see the need to download that much content, that quickly (at least in the very near future), but it is exciting to see what we can look forward to as data consumption increases and data speeds and capacity catches up.

Google has been prepping a few homes Hanover Heights in advance of today's installation.  According to Google, Fiber installation takes place in two stages, the first stage involves pulling fiber from the street into your house and then a technician will show up at your house to get your network and TV running on the network.

Have you signed up for Google Fiber? Have you gotten a new box installed on the side of your house with a friendly Google Fiber sticky note? I want to go there.

[via google]