Amid rumors that Google is launching a wireless phone service later this year, the company's efforts to roll out gigabit-speed home Internet continue with plans to expand into four more U.S. cities. The Wall Street Journal reports that Google Fiber is heading to Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Raleigh-Durham, NC; and Nashville, TN.

The company will start announcing the news on Tuesday, after sending out invitations to the local press for events in Atlanta and Nashville. Two more announcements will reportedly be made in Raleigh and Charlotte on Wednesday, with a final event set for Thursday in Durham. The news was also confirmed by The Tennessean, which notes that Google has been working to launch Fiber in the region since last February.

If Google Fiber really is launching in these areas, it could still be a full year or more before the service is ready to go. The process of setting up the network takes time, and involves reaching out to local neighborhoods individually rather than blanketing an entire city in gigabit Internet. The company typically offers a tiered service, with the slowest Internet-only option going for free not counting a one-time installation fee.

Several years in, Google seems determined to keep rolling out Fiber at its own gradual pace, even if it hasn't pushed the rest of the industry to improve service as much as many hoped it would. Still, maybe this week's announcements will give other carrier's the incentive they need.


Well looky-looky: Google on Tuesday confirmed its Fiber network will roll out to Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh-Durham. The super-fast Internet will be available in 18 cities across the four new metro areas.