google fiber sign logo van

Google Fiber may not be the fastest Internet out there, but it's still the most affordable gigabit-level service available. Now the company is taking things a step further by offering free Internet for public and affordable housing.

The company announced plans on Wednesday to bring the service to low income properties in all of the regions where Google Fiber currently operates or launches in the future. To start Google is offering free internet to communities in Atlanta, Durham, Nashville and Kansas City.

Google notes that among households earning under $30,000 per year, roughly 26 percent don't have any Internet access at all. That means Fiber could be the first time some people gain Internet access at home. A trial program actually drove more than 90 percent of the residents in one public housing property sign up for the service.

As gigabit Internet becomes more mainstream, it's easy to forget Google's role in bringing the idea to life. Hopefully the company's new commitment to offering free Internet where it's needed most will catch on too.