Google has given its latest foray into the world of social media a much needed facelift to make it easier to use.

While Google+ has been the most successful social effort by the company thus far, its design has not been the most inviting to use. Google has addressed that today with a major overhaul that will not only allow the different features to be more easily accessed, but also increases the emphasis on your content.

The new layout features drag-and-drop navigation so you can arrange it to the ways that most suit your needs.  Love doing video hangouts?  Drag the navigation button to the top of the sidebar so you can always make sure its easy to access.

As for sprucing up your content, you'll now find that photos and videos can be shown in full bleed versions that will make it easier for your friends and colleagues to enjoy. Conversation "cards" will also make it easier to see the discussions that you want to join in on.

After numerous failures in the social space, it looks like Google is very serious about making Google+ a success. Only time will tell if these changes increase its usage at all, but thus far all of it does look promising.

[via Google]