How popular is the Nexus 7? It could be quite a hit this holiday season, but that depends how seriously you want to take a report from DigiTimes. The news outlet, which has been shaky on some predictions but better on others, recently said that suppliers in Taiwan expected Google to sell 1 million of the ASUS-made Nexus 7 tablets this month.

Quanta Computer produces both the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire and recently said that it expects Google's Nexus 7 shipments to jump from 800,000 – 900,000 shipped in November to the aforementioned 1 million units sold figure. The Kindle Fire is expected to do well this quarter, too. Quanta Computer told DigitTimes it expects Amazon to ship 3-4 million units during the quarter, presumably including all models, and that Google will ship 2-3 million Nexus units during the same time period.

We're not surprised by the findings, especially because the tablets are super affordable with entry-level price points at $199. To put the sales in perspective, however, Apple sold 3 million iPad mini units the first weekend it was on sale.

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