Google's absurdly expensive Chromebook, the Pixel, is handsome and certainly a terrific concept. But the thing was way out of the realm of affordability, even for the lavishly rich. That's not stopping Google from releasing another model, which the search giant confirmed is "coming soon." How soon is unclear, and a big detail missing; namely, price. Will Google release another Chromebook for $1,300? We hope not, even if the hardware of the original model was in tip-top shape.

The confirmation comes via OMG! Chrome!, which points to a quote from Renee Niemi, Google's director of Android & Chrome, Google for Work.

We do have a new Pixel coming out and it will be coming out soon," Niemi said. We will be selling it but I just have to set your expectations. This is a development platform… This is really a proof of concept. We don't make very many of these—we really don't. And our developers and our Googlers consume 85 percent of what we produce. But yes, we do have a new Pixel coming out.

It sounds like Google's new Pixel will be another flagship model, and not really something aimed at consumers. That said, Niemi hints that it'll feature some really neat technology—"proof of concept"—so it might have appeal among fiendish tech fans. There are plenty of solid (and cheap!) Chromebook options out there, but we're still very curious to hear about Google's new Pixel. Now that the company is teasing a sequel, I imagine official news to drop sooner rather than later.