Google announced last month that Gmail would be redesigned for the web. As the new user interface for that service is still rolling out worldwide, the company revealed that Drive is also getting a new look and feel. The cloud storage service, too, will be refreshed based on Material Design and its latest principles.

The goal, according to Google, is to make Drive more responsive and efficient for users. To do that, the company tightened spacing and rearranged some labels and buttons.

Anyone who’s used Drive over the last few years should only take a few minutes to feel at home again.

With the user interfaces of two core products overhauled, there could be additional changes on the way. Google’s already been tweaking its mobile apps recently to align with Material Design’s new guidelines.

G Suite users of every type should see the new Drive for web in the coming days. Drive isn’t drastically different with new features, so it’s a fresh coat of paint more than anything else.

Here’s an animation that shows before and after looks: