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Once again rumors of a Google product named “Drive” have appeared on the landscape, and once again it’s just weeks away!  … Or maybe months … no one’s sure.

For as long as I’ve been involved in the world of tech blogging, there have been rumors of the mythical “G Drive”: A cloud-based storage solution that Google is always just on the verge of announcing.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard, “They’re announcing it next week!”, but I know it has been many, many times.

However, a new rumor has sprung to life from The Wall Street Journal that takes into account all of those old G Drive rumors, and says that Google is close to announcing something simply named “Drive” in the next few weeks or months.

Said to be very similar to the popular Dropbox, Drive will allow users to store photos, videos and documents on a cloud-based drive that would be accessible from any Web-enabled device.  Instead of sending a video from your phone via email or MMS, you would simply upload it to Drive via an app and then share the link out to whomever you wanted to see it.  The service would be free for most individuals and businesses, with a fee only being charged for those who wanted more storage space beyond the limits of the free version.

The newspaper went on to say this actually is a different product than the original G Drive that Google co-founder Larry Page worked on in 2007, but it isn’t clear how the two products differ in any way beyond the “G” being dropped from the name.

Google declined to comment on the story, and the timeframe mentioned is fairly broad, so it still isn’t clear when this will become a reality.  I will say, however, that this does seem a bit more realistic now than it did back in 2007.

[via The Wall Street Journal]