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Google Drive, Google’s homebred cloud oblation, is a favorite among the TechnoBuffalo staff, often utilized to share video and collaborative documents. And, as is the Google way, the service is being improved through direct integration with Gmail. Without ever leaving a drafted email, users can now “Insert files using Drive” of up to 10GB — 400 times the size of what you can send as a traditional attachment.

“Also, because you’re sending a file stored in the cloud, all your recipients will have access to the same, most-up-to-date version,” said Phil Sharp, Product Manager for Google. 10GB is an extreme number, but will no doubt appease folks sharing and collaborating on large video files, or other media that exceeds traditional attachment restrictions.

The new features also allow senders to tweak and modify share settings as well, straight from Gmail, so there’s no jumping back and forth between the two services.

[via GmailBlog]