Google has added cards to several of the user interfaces for its products, such as Google Now, and we really dig the way they look. A card-based UI is super easy to flip through, provides a lot of information at a quick glance, and looks great. Now, the company has issued an update to Google Drive for iOS that adds that card-based interface we love so much.

It’s similar to what we already have on Android, and provides thumbnails of your documents, a list view for people who prefer to quickly scan through their documents and smarter grouping of document types. Also, Google says it’s now easier to grab a link for anything that’s stored on Google Drive, so you can text it or email it to a friend. That can be achieved by tapping “Get Link” in Google Drive while you’re viewing a document.

Search is also a huge part of the redesign, Google explained, and it said that’s at the very front of the application now. You can type in a term and Drive is smart enough to sort through anything stored there – such as a text document that says “Empire State Building” or even an image of the actual building that you might have stored on Drive.

The update is free and is available from the iTunes App Store now.