There’s a lot of chatter on Twitter right now about Google Drive. You might want to be sitting before we let you in on this, but apparently the list of documents is no longer visible for desktop users. It happened to my own personal account, and several others, but we don’t know the extent of the damage just yet. It appears that the system is offline on the desktop, as you can still access documents through a direct link or from a mobile device. Thankfully.

We imagine Google has all of this stored in a backup of its own somewhere–it doesn’t seem lost since you can access the docs from other devices–but this is a problem. What about people, right now, who need to share Word, Excel or other documents for work using a computer? What about videos and photos and other backups that are stored to Google Drive?

As much as I enjoy a free service, Google can’t expect to compete with Microsoft and other enterprise solutions if it can’t keep its services online and operating properly.

Update: Here’s a quick fix: try searching for something in Google Drive and your list of documents appears again.