You've all seen their work without knowing it, sometimes multiple times a day. In fact, millions have worldwide, right there on Google.com; charming little doodles that reflect a holiday, season or person. They are known as Google Doodlers, a mix of mostly twenty-something artists and engineers whose sole job it is is to create small works of art that we forget about when we wake up the next day.

But that doesn't matter, said one team member, who explained that the team's sole goal is to make Google.com visitors happy. "We don't want to hinder our audience from actually searching, because they came to our homepage to search," said Jennifer Hom. "But we also want to do something fun."

The doodles range from a simple reflection of Halloween day, to interactive Olympic animations and Moog keyboards. Kris Hom, lead engineer of the doodler team, said that some doodles can take several months. "Even though it's there for a day, I think it brings enough joy," Hom said.

Around 300 doodles are created a year for multiple countries across the world, the team explained. Check out the video at the source link for a more in-depth look at the team, and the work that goes into their seemingly fleeting works of art.