Google Discussions CommentsGoogle announced today that it has added a new feature to Google Docs called Discussions.  If it seems familiar, it's like someone mashed the dying Google Wave with Google Docs.

Google Wave was, and still is, a collaborative tool that Google came up with that allowed people to shares ideas in real time for collaboration purposes.  It was envisioned as a replacement for e-mail, but it failed to catch on due to its somewhat cumbersome nature and the fact it made you leave your email a lot to use it.  It does, however, appear that Google has now taken that same technology and added it to its popular Google Docs suite of tools, and it feels like a much more natural fit already.

With the introduction of Discussions, you will be able to keep co-workers on a project up to date on what the progress is, and they will either be able to reply with their comments directly from e-mail notifications or by going to the document itself.  Everything will receive timestamps so you can easily see when things were asked, and you can use "@" comments to make sure the relevant person is made aware of the notes.  You can easily close off finalized discussions, remove irrelevant ones and so on.

It seems like a very natural fit for this tool, and just another feather in the cap for an already loved free product.  It's also nice to see that while Google Wave may have not worked the way the company hoped, at least something was salvaged from it.

What do you think?  Is this something you'll use?

[via Google Docs Blog]