Last year, Google revealed its own take on the delivery drone with Project Wing, a secret endeavor operating out of Australia. A year later it looks like the company is officially ready to bring its drones to the U.S.

Recent documents submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration reveal that Google is already cleared to test two different drones in the country. The first, codenamed M2, was approved on Oct. 2, and the B3 made the list soon afterwards. That suggests Google may be testing a new model along with the original Project Wing design.

The company’s original delivery drone looked like a small airplane and took off facing straight up like a spaceship. It makes deliveries by lowering a long string from high in the air, with a parcel attached to the bottom of the string.

Google actually started testing its delivery drone in the U.S. back in August in an isolated part of California. The company was able to skip over some red tape thanks to its close ties to NASA. Now it seems the search giant is ready to take its project to the next level, though we’re still likely a few years away from actually having our orders delivered by drone.