On Thursday, Google announced a bevy of new virtual reality apps now available for the Daydream View. Many of them are games, too, which means you’ll be able to experience the View in new ways, from defending a tower against baddies to driving the circuit in Need For Speed.

There are 7 major apps in total, including the games Gunjack: End of ShiftNeed For SpeedLego BrickheadzWandsUnderworld Overlord and Layers of Fear. The final app is HBO Now, which lets you sit in a virtual private movie theater and tune in to the latest HBO shows and movies.

I fired up a bunch of these apps during the last week just to get a sense of how they performed on my Daydream View versus other platforms like the Gear VR. The games were right on a par with Samsung’s offering, and I especially enjoyed driving around in Need For Speed while looking around the cockpit of the car. The graphics aren’t amazing, especially for objects that appear to be further away from the car, but it was fun. It’ll retail for $19.99 today, though, which is a steep price no matter how you slice it. The other apps aren’t as expensive, with Gunjack: End of Shift coming in at $12.99 and Underworld Overlord and Wands coming in at $4.99 and $5.99, respectively. Lego Brickheadz is free.

Unfortunately, when I tried to watch HBO Now on a Moto Z Force, the application would flicker and jitter as I sat in the virtual movie theater. It continued to happen and seemed to be a bug, but was noticeable enough to be far too annoying to actually tune in for an episode of Westworld. In any case, I hope you don’t experience the same bug. You’ll need an HBO Now account to log in.

Daydream View is worth buying

The Daydream View is a fantastic piece of hardware at its $79 price, which includes a Bluetooth remote, and I think these apps just add value to a platform that’s only beginning to ripen. Head over to the Google Play Store in your headset, or via the Daydream app, to grab them now.