Google Daydream won’t launch until later this year, but you can see the new virtual reality software in action right now. The company’s been releasing demo videos online through a new Google VR account on YouTube, revealing a few of the different experiences that could be available when Daydream finally arrives.

The demos cover a variety of situations. There are multi-player games, single player experiences and more experimental environments. We also see Daydream’s “copresence” feature, which lets multiple people interact in the same virtual space. That means you can hang out, work together and even high five using motion controllers. Speaking of which, it looks like Daydream will support HTC’s Vive controllers along with the one’s designed specifically for Google’s platform.

Multiplayer VR games include a bowling simulation where you presumably take turns guiding a ball toward pins and a traditional jigsaw puzzle. If you’re alone you can try writing on a typewriter using a virtual set of drumsticks, or explore a colorful world of slides and ladders. There’s also a pretty interesting demo called “real-time acoustic environment simulation” that puts you in a transforming room where you can listen to music.

After watching all these demos we’re dying to try Daydream for ourselves. Google’s new VR platform is expected to launch this fall along with a wave of new Daydream ready smartphones, but for now you can check out all the videos embedded below.