Chromecast - Size-Comparison

After dropping the revelation that Google intends on turning its focus to the wearable Android market, Google’s Sundar Pichai quietly revealed that Chromecast will make it to “many more countries” in the next few weeks. We’d heard rumors the little streaming dongle would make its way to the U.K. and Australia, but it’s unclear where else we can expect the device to be available. Pichai didn’t divulge specifics, as is typical for the industry.

When it initially launched last July, Chromecast was relatively limited in its functionality. But over the past few months, the device has been opened up thanks to a developer SDK, and users are already benefitting. For just $35, the little streamer is an excellent deal, and definitely worth the small sum. Hopefully the fact that Chromecast will be available internationally means we’ll see even more features arrive on the platform as more people use it.

In addition to saying the device would be available in more countries, Pichai also said the device has sold in the “millions” thus far, though he declined to share figures. For a device that hit a crowded market not even a year ago, I’d consider selling millions to be a pretty good haul.