At CES 2019, Google was busy adding exciting new features to Assistant, as well as announcing new partnerships to bring the platform to more devices. All in all, it was a good week for Google, but it’s ending on a down note.

The search giant on Friday confirmed plans to discontinue Chromecast Audio, a device that enabled users to stream audio apps through older speaker setups. Since its announcement in 2015, the dongle has taken a back seat to other initiatives from Google, like putting Google Assistant in modern speakers.

Here’s what Google had to say on the matter:

Our product portfolio continues to evolve, and now we have a variety of products for users to enjoy audio. We have therefore stopped manufacturing Chromecast Audio products. We will continue to offer assistance for Chromecast Audio devices, so users can continue to enjoy their music, podcasts and more.

Google offers a variety of speakers that feature Google Assistant, including the Google Home and Google Home Max. Additionally, Sonos this week demonstrated Assistant running on the Sonos One and Sonos Beam, with wider availability promised for later this year.

As some have begun to speculate, Google may not avoid older stereo systems altogether, despite Chromecast Audio’s discontinuation. Following Amazon’s announcement of the Echo Input, some suspect Google may introduce something similar, giving users the chance to outfit their old speakers with Google Assistant and casting abilities.