Google Coach might have you living your healthiest life. In a few months, the Mountain View-based company will unveil a new digital assistant. This one, according to Android Police, won’t replace Google Assistant and instead will focus entirely on health and wellness.

The rumored set of features are what you’d expect from a digital assistant interested in fitness above all else. With Google Coach, you’ll be able to have real-time monitoring and recommendations offered together.

As your progress gets tracked, the health assistant should be able to suggest other workout routines. If you miss a workout, it’ll give an alternative to make up with. But Google Coach can go further than all of this by understanding your location and behavior. Google Coach knows how to make a meal plan and shopping list, and it can recommend a healthy meal at the restaurant you’re visiting.

The technology at its core will draw from a user profile linked to your Google Account.

Android Police adds that notifications won’t be plentiful. To combat a frenzy of alerts and recommendations, Google Coach will bundle its information into a single notification.

While there isn’t any hardware specifically mentioned in the report, you should have an idea of how Google Coach can debut. Google’s hardware-focused event in early October will feature the Pixel 3, but it’ll likely be joined by a new Wear OS device. Multiple reports have revealed there’s a Pixel-branded smartwatch in development.

The plan is for Google Coach to be available across all platform. It’ll launch on Wear OS, but then it should arrive on Android, Google Home, and elsewhere. Also, Google Coach might be renamed before going official this fall.

Behind closed doors, Project Wooden is the codename used by Google employees. Maybe that’s a nod to legendary college basketball coach John Wooden, who won numerous NCAA Championships with the UCLA Bruins.

Since the company often changes its mind, don’t be surprised if Google Coach is overhauled or never goes official. But it does seem like this will happen. Google’s smartwatch needs something more than an attractive design to draw attention from the Apple Watch and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch.