As Apple Maps continues to improve, the presence of Google's own standalone application continues to loom. Google has reportedly distributed a test version of its iOS Maps app to people outside of the company, according to the Wall Street Journal. A submission is allegedly close — an exact date is unclear — while last minute finishing touches are applied.

Google's effort is expected to be a lot like what one might find on Android, including turn-by-turn navigation and a much more robust feature set. Ever since Apple ditched Google for its own mapping service, users have decried the iPhone-maker because of its sub-par quality. However, things are improving by the day, with Apple iOS 6 to introduce even more crowd-sourced data to improve Maps.

Apple's Eddy Cue has allegedly held regular team meetings with an eye on improving Maps, WSJ says, but the heat is certainly on from the competition. Once Google's standalone app does hit, hopefully it'll go through Apple's submission process without incident. I mean, if completely dishonest paid apps can make it through, then there's no reason to believe Google Maps can't too, right?

[via MacRumors]